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The Season’s Styles at Magnolia Fashion Wholesale Prices

We’re more than halfway through the year and deep into summer - Magnolia Fashion Wholesale’s time to shine - so take a dip in tropical styles so bright the Sun glows enviousl

Celebrate July 4th with Magnolia Style

Magnolia Fashion Wholesale revels in this great nation’s independence the only way we know how - draped in signature South-Florida style.  Commemorate freedom in swimwear and dresses that display Miami’s high-class relaxed vibe at low prices with over a 100 new arrivals cataloged weekly for our clients’ shopping convenience. Magnolia’s international network of business-to-business 

Magnolia Fashion’s Summer Solstice Styles Shine

Summer is officially here and Magnolia Fashion Wholesale has everything you need to keep your customers draped in chic comfort à la Miami.   Absorb the sunshine with style sporting swimwear that captures the Florida vibe at low prices.  Dresses, jumpsuits, denim, and more, decorate your patrons in Deco designs with +100 new arrivals added weekly, bringing fresh contemporary looks your clients can depend on. 

Magnolia Fashion Wholesale Blooms for National Pink Day

National Pink Day, a celebration of all things rosé, is June 23 and Magnolia Fashion Wholesale brings you dozens of styles to help you commemorate.  From swimwear to jumpsuits and denim to dresses, we’re delivering over a 100 new arrivals a week, promising something for everyone. 

Summer is hot with Magnolia Fashion Wholesale

Style evolves daily as trends are imagined, reinvented, or morph into innovative new designs for today’s woman.  At Magnolia Fashion Wholesale, we understand this well and take pride in being among the leaders of the industry,