Magnolia Fashion Wholesale and Cosmopolitan: Great Brands Think Alike

Mixed patterns, midi skirts, high-waisted short-shorts, bare shoulders, bright floral prints… According to the team at Cosmopolitan, high-end designers have boldly expanded the realm of fashion in 2019, and in fashion, Cosmo is law.  Relaxed elegance and daring collections are carving out courageous paths promising infinite possibilities.  

Does that sound like any wholesale distributor you know?

Magnolia Fashion Wholesale is always trending hard with fresh looks that deliver style and sophistication - overnight, should you require.  Blouses, bodysuits, outerwear, and more, are all in our tops section, perfect for cute ensembles with our various bottoms.  Be bold and mix your own patterns, stripes on hot-red, art-infused on camo, then finish it off with the perfect shoes.  Or browse through our matching sets to see some of our own.  

And with the sun still out summering, you should be, too, in swimwear that ranges from one to three-piece sets, bringing out the shine in you - with a special surprise for anyone with a penchant for bright fishnet crochet.

But never fear, the classics are paradigms for a reason, and Magnolia believes in recognizing traditional aesthetics.  Perennial denim and glamorous maxis age like wine proving comfort is chic, a staple of the Magnolia brand.  Alluring evening wear is essential for any modern woman’s wardrobe and we bring our very best to your clients’ shopping carts. 

Magnolia Fashion Wholesale is a women’s B2B fashion wholesale clothing online store supplying boutiques and shops worldwide.  There is no minimum order, however, all our products are wholesale clothing in packs of 3 (which include 1S-1M-1L, unless otherwise requested).  

Follow this link to register and simply provide a valid form of ID (driver’s license, state-issued ID, passport, etc.), Business License or Resellers Permit (Florida residents MUST provide Florida Resale Certificate), and, for international customers, any qualifying government-issued forms OR business registration. 

Contact Magnolia Fashion Wholesale Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM Eastern Time, at (305) 989-3121 or send us a message any time for low wholesale prices and it will be our pleasure to get back to you as soon as possible.